Our History
It started in 1919

Our wine importation and distribution company started with my great grandfather, Count Camillo Claretta Assandri, who was my great grandfather from my mother’s side of the family. Camilio was a great businessman who was known all over Europe for his unequal entrepreneur skills. Setting the stage, he was intensely passionate about Champagnes and French wines. At the end of the First World War, my great grandfather called upon friends and families who were historical wine markets and merchants. With their contribution, he was able found a wine importation and distribution brand in Italy. This was the first step in the family and the creation of Ditta Claretta e co, S.p.A. Count Camilio started to expand business with the help of his friends: Paul Chaudron- Moet who was the owner of Chandon Dom Perigon, Ruinart, and Hanessey from Champagne Schroder family of Schroder & Schyler from Bordeaux – founded in 1763, Dopff family from Alsace, (founded in 1574, and the Drapier family from Bourgone, – founded in the 19th Century). And through this friendship, he started the journey to later well-known wine importation and distribution company in Italy. After this, he dedicated quality time to the business. Thanks to his entrepreneurial acumen, he eventually signed with Ruinart Champagnes, Hennessy Cognac, and many Bordeaux’s Burgundy wines. For several years, the company grew in success and name.

He gained the opportunity to become their sole importer and distributor in Italy. Thanks to his great skills and success, he eventually signed with Ruinart Champagnes, Hennessy Cognac, and many Bordeaux’s and Burgundy wines. For many years, the company nurtured in success and name.

​World War II introduced a more disastrous tone for the company, and towards the end of the war, the company was at the brink of shutting down. However, Sir Winston Churchill came to its rescue. On the eve of the Normandy landings, his famous words were:” Remember, gentleman, it’s not just France we are fighting for, it’s Champagne!” And thanks to his contribution, my great grandfather was able to reopen the business. 

He keeps on with the business until Moet Chandon was sold to become a public company. Afterward, he released its distribution rights. And eventually, he decided to shut down Ditta Claretta and retire. 

Sheehan Brothers Importers is Ditta Claretta’s child. Born from my great grandfather’s desire, the company is budding into my son’s and mine’s vision of bringing our exceptional and unique products all over the world!

Sheehan and Sons

Sheehan and his sons took the mantle after Ditta Claretta; I will say it all started right from birth after my found love for champagne. Like my great grandfather, we (I and my sons) are passionate about quality wines. We want the rest of the world to have similar opportunities easily. And with this company has experience impeccable growth and spotless uniqueness in the market of wine distributors and importers. To attain the best position among U.S wine importers, we have employed time-tested techniques. We have created a business that is no longer a dream of three men but all employees. 

Innovation, quality staff, and integrity

We combined innovation, quality staff, and integrity at the heart of our business. Through these three, we have recreated and expanded the value created by my great grandfather. 

We have improved through innovation; this has kept us at the top of our game. Our business has gone beyond the United States and France; we are a wine importer and distributor in different countries, including Italy, Portugal, United States and beyond. We foster creativity through an ecosystem where change is embraced. We strive to achieve possible improvement in products and customer relationships.  

Sheehan Brothers were first the commitment of I and my sons before the recruitment of staff. Careful recruitment has allowed us to relate our mission to a team of understanding and qualified staff who has taken charge of duties like we would and have achieved resounding success in upholding the brand identity. 

Keeping integrity at the core of our dealings has earned us the representation everyone loves. We have moved from a three man business to more staff, howbeit, how integrity remains the same in the market. We are at the heart of our customers because we help them gain their customers’ trust.